Communicating the Science of Boston Harbor Islands

A two-day virtual workshop for NPS resource managers and biological technicians; visitor services and education (EYVE) staff; Stone Living Lab and other partners.


  1. Park staff and partners have knowledge of public attitudes and understanding of science, challenges to communicating park science, and approaches to successful communication, especially with youth (middle and high school) audiences.
  2. Participants develop communication skills and a strategy for communicating with their identified audience.
  3. Participants create and implement topical and/or audience-based communication plans. Topics include climate change effects and stressors, adaptation, resilience research, biodiversity.


Wednesday, September 29 –

1.00    Welcome & Introductions
1.15    How do we communicate science? (w/ activity)
1.30    Strategic communications overview
1.45    Understanding audiences (w/ small group discussions)
2.15    Break
2.30    Understanding Boston Harbor Islands audiences
3.00    Refining audiences (w/ small group discussions)
3.15    Break
3.30    Understanding messages (w/ small group discussions)
3.50    Debrief the day, homework assignments
4.00    Adjourn

By the end of the day, participants will have identified and learned more about their audience(s) and potential challenges to successful science communication. For homework, they will refine their purpose and messages, and prepare to present the next day.

Thursday, September 30 –

8.30    Coffee + Warm-up: Moment of Joy
9.00    Report out on homework
10.00   Break
10.15  Approaches to science communication (best practices in #ParkSciComm)
10.45   Small group discussions of approaches
11.00   Opportunities and making plans – what do we need to be successful?
11.30    Adjourn

By the end of the day, participants will have confirmed their audience, refined their message, identified appropriate potential approaches to communication, and identified future needs to implement their plan.


September Workshop Application - BOHA

  • Choose the type of communication you most commonly engage in, or the area you'd like to emphasize in this workshop.
  • Please share your favorite examples - good or bad - of science communication, with a brief explanation of why you liked or didn't like the communication.
  • Participation on both days is recommended, but partial participation is ok.
  • Please describe any accommodations you require for these virtual sessions.