A major strategy for expanding science and science communication appropriate for the second century of national parks is to engage people in workshops, trainings, and symposia. These workshops and related events engage participants in hands-on learning, discussion, and practice. They are not passive, but rather focus on giving participants important skills, advancing science and communication, and overcoming major challenges facing science and conservation.

Upcoming Workshops

Ecological Society of America, 2019, Louisville, Kentucky – We are scheduled to lead workshops for researchers on improving communication, incorporating citizen science into research projects, and how to work with citizen science data. (Citizen science workshops in collaboration with the Citizen Science Association.) Second Century Stewardship Fellows are featured in an Inspire session, “Inclusion is an Imperative in U.S. National Parks.”

National Park Service Pacific Region, November 18-21, 2019, Monterey, California – Planning is underway for a science communication workshop with researchers, resource managers, and interpretive staff from Pacific Region parks.

Past Workshops

SCS Communications Workshop, 2019, Acadia National Park, Maine – This workshop convened 2018 and 2019 Second Century Stewardship Fellows, National Park Service and Schoodic Institute staff, Acadia Teacher Fellows, and partners for 2.5 days of communications training, practice, and planning.

Acadia Science Symposium, 2018, Acadia National Park, Maine – The symposium highlighted science occurring in Acadia, with special sessions on undergraduate research in the park, the science behind the transportation plan, and science for the next century of stewardship in national parks.

Strengthening Your Citizen Science Workshops, 2018, Acadia National Park, Maine, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, California – These workshops brought together the staff of nonprofits, universities, and national parks to improve the design and outcomes of citizen science projects in national parks and other conservation areas across the country.

Weekly Citizen Science trainings, Acadia National Park, Maine – At these workshops attendees learned how to participate in citizen science programs (eBird, iNaturalist, and Nature’s Notebook) that provide critical biodiversity and phenology data to scientists and resource managers across the world, including those at national parks.

Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting, 2018, New Orleans, Louisiana – At this conference, we led a workshop on incorporating citizen science into research projects (in collaboration with the Citizen Science Association). A Second Century Stewardship Fellow, Chris Nadeau, also organized a special session exploring ways that scientists could better work with resource managers so that their research better informed climate adaptation decisions.

AAAS Annual Meeting, 2018, Austin, Texas – We held three Second Century Stewardship symposia at this conference: Natural and cultural resource stewardship; New scientific insights and audiences; Applying conservation genetics and genomics to wildlife and fisheries management; Overcoming challenges to using environmental big data for conservation.

SCS Communications Workshop, 2017, Acadia National Park, Maine – This workshop brought together the first four Second Century Stewardship Fellows, science communication experts, and staff from national parks and key partners to learn techniques—such as video, social media, public presentations, and media interviews—to better communicate science to target audiences.

Acadia Science Symposium, 2016, Acadia National Park, Maine – This symposium highlighted the centennial of Acadia National Park and featured leaders from the natural resource, cultural resource, and interpretation and education directorates of the National Park Service discussing their visions for the next century of science and communication in national parks.