Science Communication & Engagement in Acadia

27-28 February 2020 | Schoodic Institute at Acadia National Park


  1. Park staff and partners have knowledge of public attitudes and understanding of science, barriers to communicating park science, and approaches to communication.
  2. Participants develop communication skills by creating and implementing topical communication plans.
  3. Communication about #ParkScience strengthens public understanding of the importance of science for parks and society.

Thursday, February 27 – Wright Hall

1000     Welcome & Introductions
1015     Why communicate?
1030     Strategic communications overview
1100     Understanding audiences
1130     Understanding Acadia audiences (Adam Gibson)
1200     Lunch at Schooner Commons
  100     Understanding messages
  200     Refining messages
300     Adjourn
600    Dinner (for those staying on campus), Schooner Commons

By the end of the day, participants will have identified their audience(s) and potential challenges to successful communication. For homework, they will refine their abstract and purpose and prepare to present the next day.

Friday, February 28 – Wright Hall
  800     Nor’easter Project webinar for a subset of participants
1000    Warm-up: Moment of Joy
1015    Presentations by Thursday participants
1100    Approaches to science communication
1200   Lunch at Schooner Commons
    Opportunities for communicating science (Laura Cohen and Jay Elhard)
230    Developing a plan
300    Adjourn

By the end of the day, participants will have confirmed their audience, refined their message, identified appropriate approaches to communication, and drafted a strategic science communications plan for implementation in 2020.