Science Communication in Acadia and Beyond

Second Century Stewardship VIRTUAL Science Communication Training Spring 2022
Inspiring science, learning, and community through story


  • Participants (SCS Fellows, students working on SCS projects, Schoodic Institute science staff, technicians, and interns, and National Park Service staff and interns) develop communication plans that align with the mission and strategies of the National Park Service.
  • Participants identify their communication purpose and position.
  • Participants learn more about park audiences, qualities of successful and inclusive science communication, and possible approaches for communicating their topic or issue.

Draft Agenda:
We will use Zoom and Padlet and this web page.


10:00. Introductions
10:20. Why communicate?
10:30. Exercise: Communications roles and goals.
10:40. Break
10:45. Making a difference: communication that matters.
11:00. Finding purpose.
11:30. Break until 02:00 PM
02:00. Reflections on purpose.
02:30. Who are you? Scientist identities and positions.
03:30. End of Day 1 and homework assignment.


10:00. Discussion of homework assignment.
10:20. Approaches to expand public understanding of science.
10:40. Break.
10:45. Approaches to expand public understanding of science, continued.
11:15. Other ways of knowing.
11:30. Break until 02:00 PM.
02:00. Addressing some challenges of science messages.
02:30. Gloom & Doom or Heart & Hope?
03:00. Discussion with Guest Speakers Nancy Knowlton & Jeremy Jackson
03:30. End of Day 2 and homework assignment.


10:00. Audience connections.
10:20. Approaches to connecting people with park science.
10:40. Break.
10:45. Accessible and inclusive language.
11:30. Break until 02:00 PM.
02:00. Reflections on language.
02:15. Crafting messages.
03:10. Making a plan.
03:30. End of Workshop.

Contact Catherine Schmitt, with questions.

Spring 2022 Workshop Application

  • Please share your favorite examples - good or bad - of science communication, with a brief explanation of why you liked or didn't like the communication.
  • Participation on all three days is recommended, as the content builds upon the previous day and assigned homework between days.
  • Please describe any accommodations you require or request for these virtual sessions. Sessions will be via Zoom and will be recorded.