Communicating the science of the Dragonfly Mercury Project

17-20 April 2023, Campus on Lake Austin, Texas

In this workshop, National Park Service resource managers, scientists, interpreters, science communicators and education specialists participating in the Dragonfly Mercury Project will collaborate to

  • review existing products and programs, generate ideas for new efforts, and learn from each other.
  • develop shared goals, messaging, and language.
  • identify best practices in communicating the science of mercury in dragonflies to various audiences.
  • develop individual plans to communicate Dragonfly Mercury Project science.

PLEASE NOTE there will be a pre-workshop orientation April 5 at 1 pm Eastern (via Teams).

All approved participants must complete the registration form.


MONDAY 04.17.23

Check in to Campus at Lake Austin begins at 3:00 p.m.; dinner on your own.

TUESDAY 04.18.23

7:00-8:00. Breakfast
8:30. Warm-up & introductions.
9:00. Why communication matters.
9:15. Strategic communications overview & activity.
10:00. Break
10:30. Finding our purpose.
10:45. Panel: How can science communication help us achieve our goals?
11:00. Purpose discussions.
12:00. Lunch
1:30. Panel: Who are our audiences, and how can science communication help?
2:00. Aligning purpose and audience.
2:30. DMP Communications: What have we done so far?
3:00. Break.
3:30. Field trip!
5:00. Break.
6:00-9:00. Dinner. 

WEDNESDAY 04.19.23

7:00-8:00. Breakfast
8:30. Warm-up activity.
8:45. Approaches to communicating science.
9:30. Communicating science as a process.
10:00. Break.
10:30. Messages we can share: Inclusive language and framing.
10:45. Exercise: Knowing jargon when you see/hear/feel it.
11:15. Perspectives from the field: how can science communication help?
12:00. Lunch.
1:30. Crafting resonant, effective, and inclusive messages.
2:00. Crafting & revising messages, continued.
2:30. Crafting messages.
03:00. Break.
3:30. Identifying best practices/guiding principles.
4:00. Making a plan: How will we know we’ve been successful, and what do we need to get there?
5:00. Break.
6:00-9:00. Dinner.

THURSDAY 04.20.23

7:00-8:00. Breakfast.

Check out is at 11 a.m.