Second Century Stewardship Communications Workshop Spring 2021

Tuesdays, May 11-June 15, 10 am – 11 am Eastern via Zoom


  1. SCS Fellows and other participants have knowledge of public attitudes and understanding of science, barriers to communicating park science, and approaches to communication.
  2. Participants develop communication skills by creating and implementing communication plans.
  3. Communication about #ParkScience strengthens public understanding of the importance of science for parks and society.


May 11  Understanding our purpose (link to recording)
Introductions and an overview of strategic communications, discussion of purpose.

Homework: Prepare a 6-minute presentation on your SCS research, ending with your draft “purpose.”

May 18  Understanding our science (link to recording)
Fellow presentations with 3 minutes each Q & A about purpose, audience.

Homework: Identify up to 3 potential audiences for your communication.

May 25  Understanding our audience (link to recording)
Understanding public understanding of science and nature and the “curse of knowledge.”

Homework: Revise your audience(s).

June 1 Understanding our audience, continued (link to recording)
Presentation from NPS on Acadia National Park audiences.
Why and how does communication fail? What prevents “success” in achieving our goals?

Homework: (1) Analyze assigned text for problematic language (instructions will be provided).

June 8 Understanding our message (link to recording)
Discussion of homework assignment. Messaging approaches, framing, and language.

Homework: Identify your “anchor” word, and draft your message in 50 words using one of the presented approaches or frames.

June 15 Making a plan
Discussion of homework assignment. Planning and budgeting for communications and drafting individual plans for the next 12-24 months.

Homework: Submit draft communications plans and complete post-survey by June 29.