Request for Proposals Now Open – Webinar Available!

The partners of the Second Century Stewardship: Science for America’s National Parks announce the availability of Research Fellowships to support research in Acadia National Park. The selected Research Fellows will contribute to strengthening and broadening public understanding of the importance of science for parks and society. Second Century Stewardship (SCS) was founded in 2016 by Schoodic Institute […]

the bug project scientists and children

The Acadia Bug Project

Second Century Stewardship Fellow Dr. Allyson Jackson is a field biologist who has been working with birds for 11 years now. She more recently got interested in bugs – first because of how important they are as bird food and now because they are just interesting on their own! She teaches Environmental Studies at Purchase College in […]

Second Century Stewardship Names 2018 Fellows to Conduct Research in Acadia National Park

Two scientists have been awarded fellowships to conduct research in Acadia National Park as part of Second Century Stewardship, an initiative of the National Park Service and Schoodic Institute at Acadia National Park. Second Century Stewardship was launched in 2016 upon the centennial of the National Park Service to provide top-quality science research for park stewardship, build public appreciation for science, […]

Second Century Stewardship Project to Help Guide Park Conservation

On Maine’s rocky, forested coast, Acadia National Park’s iconic landscape includes historic stone bridges, carriage trails, and other structures where human-made culverts divert water, prevent flooding, and improve visitors’ safety. At parks across the country, such culverts can also prevent fish, insects, and other aquatic organisms from moving freely from one habitat to another. That […]

Second Century Stewardship

National parks are amongst the treasures of the United States, valuable both in their own right as entities for preserving the natural and cultural history of our nation and the world and for the experiences they offer to their visitors. As the parks enter their second century, scientists are eager to renew the collaboration they […]