Incorporating climate change refugia into climate adaptation in Acadia National Park

Jenny’s passions are conservation biology and teaching. She earned her research chops studying bird migrations in the Northeast and has taken every opportunity she can to teach and develop her communication skills. She is now bringing that combination of top notch skills to identify climate change refugia for focal species in Acadia National Park. Jenny has already convened and facilitated a workshop of resource managers from the region to identify candidate species. From there she will model how managers might protect the highest priority species.

Jenny has already received valuable communication training and experience. Dr. Toni Lyn Morelli (USGS and Northeast Climate Adaptation Science Center), Abraham Miller-Rushing (NPS), and Nicholas Fisichelli (Schoodic Institute) lent their expertise in helping Jenny convene and facilitate an all-day workshop with regional resource managers to discuss climate change refugia, data sources, and identify focal species. This meeting was also an excellent opportunity for Jenny to work directly with managers, network, and learn more about regional conservation and management efforts that could benefit from climate change refugia maps. As with all the fellows, Jenny is developing the long-term scientist-manager relationships necessary to effectivley respond to rapid environmental changes.