Evaluating the resilience of populations to climate change in protected areas: Generalizable framework and a specific application in Acadia National Park

Chris spent nearly a decade as a wildlife biologist in Arizona and has also published research in prestigious journals. He is now using his skills to help National Park Service staff, researchers, and visitors appreciate the value of an often overlooked part of Acadia National Park – freshwater rock pools that sit on the coast above the intertidal zone. These pools host a lot of small biodiversity and can help scientists and managers understand how ecosystems respond to dramatic changes in climate, and how management actions might help or hinder the biodiversity that we are protecting. Chris is already running full speed with his communications and engagement with managers. He has co-hosted workshops for K-12 teachers highlighting climate change as a critical thinking tool, brought rock pool biodiversity into the classroom for interpretation rangers, is organizing a symposium to help researchers better address on-the-ground needs of managers, and is tweeting up a storm (in less than a year he has more than 130 Twitter followers).